Round Bottle Sealed Package Full-Automatic Can Seamer

The main body of this product adopts all stainless materials, with a simple and beautiful appearance and conforming to the design requirements of the most of the standard production departments.

Product description

This product is mainly suitable for sealing packaging of round cans of various qualities such as PET plastic, iron, aluminum, paper, etc. It has advanced design and reasonable structure, easy to operate, and is an ideal packaging equipment indispensable for food. , Medicine, tea, chemical and other industries.

The main body of the product is made of all stainless steel, with a simple and beautiful appearance, which meets the design requirements of most standard production departments.

The product adopts single-phase or three-phase power supply with a power of 1.1kw. Various precision-processed parts and production technologies have been deposited, and have been continuously improved through our company’s long-term customer experience. The key parts are uniquely designed with high strength. , Low noise, good sealing performance.

Main parameter

The material

stainless steel

The number of sealed cans


The speed of sealing

25-30 per minute

The height of sealing


The diameter of the available bottle


The working pressure

AC220V 50/60Hz(AC380V 50/60Hz)





Main features

Power indicator (red indicator): the red indicator lights up to indicate that the device is turned on, and vice versa

Running indicator light (green indicator light): the green indicator light is on, indicating that the device is running, and vice versa

Emergency stop: In an emergency, press this button, the device will stop immediately, any other switches will not work, if you want to cancel, please cross the rotary button, it will automatically pop up and restore the function

Operation/On (green button): Press this button and the device will start to run

Operation/Close (red button): Press this button to stop the operation

Jog (yellow button): This switch is mainly used to debug the device, the device will run after pressing the button, and vice versa.

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