Lifting Machine

Lifting Machine

Electronic counting machines are our company's star products, which is a stable reliable electronic products that was successfully developed through repeated experiment after a long time research. Its core part and control system adopt imported original accessories.

Main features:

Lifting machine is in a closed environment and conveys materials through the inside of the hopper.

Horizontal-vertical-horizontal combined conveying.

Fully enclosed, no leakage, no pollution. Suitable for conveying all kinds of powdery materials and granular materials, better conveying non-sticky materials

The biggest advantages are flexible combination, large lifting capacity, low material damage rate, and prevent the generation of defective products.

Main configuration



Electric machinery

Panasonic motor

Photoelectric sensor

Germany Sick

Counting photoelectric system

British ARV chip, Taiwan photoelectric   element

Pneumatic components

ADEC International Group

Leakage protection


Switch button

Schneider Electric (France)

Control panel

UK ARV chip

Interpersonal interface


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