High Speed Aluminum Foil Automatic Plastic Bottle Cap Induction Sealer

Product description The induction bottle sealer manual cap sealing machine, bottle cap aluminum foil sealer utilize electro magnetic induction principle to bring instant high heat to melt aluminum foil for adhere to the bung hole, reaching the aim of wet-proof, leakage-proof, mildew-proof and...

Product description

The ordinary sealing machine is composed of a frame, a deceleration and speed regulation transmission mechanism, a sealing mechanism, a conveying device and an electrical and electronic control system.

After the power is turned on, each mechanism starts to work. After the power is turned on, the heating element is heated, the upper and lower heating blocks are heated rapidly, and the imprinting wheel is adjusted to the required temperature through the temperature control system. When rotating, the cooling system starts cooling as needed, the conveyor belt transfers, and is adjusted to the required speed by the speed control device.

When a package containing items is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealed part of the bag will automatically be fed between the two sealing belts during operation and enter the heating area, and the heat of the heating block will be transferred to the sealed part of the container. The bag passes through the sealing tape. The film is melted by heating, and then passed through the cooling zone to reduce the surface temperature of the film appropriately, and then rolled through the knurling wheel (or printing wheel) to bond the upper and lower plastic films to the sealing part and press to remove the mesh pattern (or print Logo)), and then send the sealed rubber bag out of the machine through a guiding rubber belt and a conveyor belt to complete the sealing operation.

main features

1. SUS304 stainless steel structure, harsh environment, easy to clean and maintain;

2. Suitable for sealing various bottle and can materials;

3. Fast production speed;

4. Stable and reliable performance, long service life;

5. The conveying speed is adjustable and the sealing speed is fast;

6. Easy to use, no need for special training of operators;

7. The height of the sealing line is adjustable and can accept a variety of bottle heights;

8. Current overload, voltage overload, output overload protection;

9. The air cooling system cancels all water cooling pipes, pumps, filters and flow switches.

main parameter

Equipment name

Aluminum foil induction sealing machine


110V/220V 50-60HZ



Sealing speed

Max 600 bottles/hour

Cooling mode

Air cooling

Sealing bottle mouth diameter


Sealing bottle height




Machine size


Machine material

304 stainless steel

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