Continuity Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Continuity Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

description This machine is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can transport ultra high frequency into inductive head, alternating current to generate high-frequency alternating magnetic field through the coil, the aluminum foil into the caps can feel magnetic...


The machine is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can transmit ultra-high frequency to the induction head, and generate alternating current through the coil to generate a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The aluminum foil entering the cover can feel the magnetic field, which causes eddy currents and special controls to make the aluminum foil The composite film melts instantaneously at high temperature and is equipped with bottle mouth adhesive, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and high quality sealing.

This machine can be widely used in various types of bottle sealing users such as pharmacy, food, petroleum, chemical, household chemicals, agrochemicals, etc., such as plastic bottles (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS, DURACON) glass bottles and various A variety of composite plastic hoses and various non-contact heat seals, which are currently recognized as the most advanced sealing equipment.




Rating Voltage


Max Power Rate


Sealing Diameter


Transfer Speed


Sealing Speed




Cooling Type


Sealing  height


Use Situation

large production

Overall Dimension



1. Automatic plastic and glass bottle compound film sealing machine Adopts unique large caliber sealing technology

2. Responding speed, suitable for sealing of the big mouth of mass production of products

3. Responding to seal performance, strong work continuously

4. Automatic plastic and glass bottle compound film sealing machine to all of aluminum foil, but can not seal the metal lids

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