Aluminum Foil Lid Sealing Machine

Aluminum Foil Lid Sealing Machine

description Aluminum foil composite material through electromagnetic induction heating sealing technology, is currently more advanced, popular non-contact sealing technology.Its made by the principle of electromagnetic induction sealing machine has increasingly become medicine, agricultural...


The aluminum foil composite material is heated and sealed by electromagnetic induction, which is a relatively advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction sealing machine to produce more and more medicines, agrochemicals, oils, foods, health foods, beverages, cosmetics, chemical industries and other industries for airtight sealing of plastic, glass and other non-metallic bottles. The necessary equipment is promoted with high-quality products, which improves the quality of sealing performance and improves the safety requirements for anti-theft purposes.


01.Electric control cabinet

Real-time display of voltage and current

The speed regulator can adjust freely

A key power switch о EAT

02.Guide bottle device

Adjustable guide rail device

Easily guide the bottle to the center

Sealing is faster and more convenient

03.Induction seal

4 pure copper induction coils

Fast overall induction speed

Sealing is more stable and efficient

04.Adjusting device

Adjust lifting handwheel

Keep the cap within 5 mm of the cap

The closer you are, the more power you get

05.Heat dissipation and insurance

Cooling fans are installed on both sides of the electric cabinet

The machine can work steadily for a long time

Electrical cabinets are equipped with safety devices

Voltage and current overload will shut down the protection

Safe and convenient use


Namealuminum foil sealing machine
product material304 stainless steel
Power Supply220v50Hz
Diameter of caps15-120mm
The sealing speed20-50vase/min
type of coolingforced air cooling
Machine size mm900X450X500mm
characteristicstably and efficiently

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