Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

1. The number of particles by the 0-9999 can be arbitrarily set;
2. All stainless steel material. in accordance with the GMP standard;
3. The operation is simple. do not need special training to operate;
4. Special electric eye protection device can ensure the accurate number of li;
5. Rotary counting design. fast counting. stable operation;

Product Description

The capsule counting machine is the bottle holding device on the bottle conveying track of the bottle conveying mechanism to block the bottles conveyed from the previous equipment at the bottling position and wait for filling.

The medicines enter the medicine warehouse in an orderly manner through the vibration of the corrugated cardboard. The medicine box is equipped with a counting photoelectric sensor. The medicines falling into the medicine box are quantitatively counted by the photoelectric counting sensor

Capsule Counting Machine




LED technology


500W, 220V/110v,50/60HZ

Application Range

00# to 5# capsule, φ≥7mm diameter tablet or pill and all kinds of caplet

Bottle neck diameter (mm)

Min 25

Bottle body diameter (mm)


Volume of bottle (variable)

15-300 ml or according to customer

Output Capability(ps/min)


Overall dimensions (mm)





(1) Strong compatibility, can count and bottle tablets (including special tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills and other solid preparations or solid particles;

(2) Vibration blanking: The channel vibrates evenly and the material is blanked evenly, and the unique patented flap auxiliary charging mechanism is evenly blanked, and the material is uniform and stable, and does not damage the medicine;

(3) Anti-high dust: The company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology can work stably under high dust conditions;

(4) Accurate counting: the photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is less than the national standard;

(5) The leakage of the special structure can prevent the medicine from being blocked, and the small-mouth medicine bottle can also be bottled quickly (optional);

(6) Multiple detection and alarm control functions such as high level of intelligence, no bottle count, fault self-checking, etc.;

(7) Function matching: photoelectric sensor for automatic detection of bottle shortage;

(8) Simple operation: adopt intelligent design, and set various operating parameters according to needs.

Capsule Counting MachineCapsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

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