Stick Packing Machine

Stick Packing Machine

​Each actuating mechanism adopt servo motor to driver, bag in forming process through the PLC control, make each actuating mechanism precise automatic synchronization positioning.Photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure correct printing and with automatic counting function.

Each actuator is driven by a servo motor, and the bag is made during the molding process through PLC control, so that each actuator can realize precise automatic synchronization positioning, and adopts a photoelectric tracking system to ensure correct printing and has an automatic counting function. 

The sealing temperature of the machine is automatically controlled with high control accuracy (±1C°). Suitable for the most complex film packaging films at home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc.

Stick Packing Machine







Lane Number

4 lanes

6 lanes

8 lanes

10 lanes

Bag Width

16-90mm      (0.63-3.54")

16-60mm      (0.63-2.36")

16-45mm      (0.63-1.77")

16-35mm      (0.63-1.38")

Bag Length

40-165mm (1.57-6.50")

Packing Speed

30-50 Bags/Min/Lane

Gas consumption

2.0 m3/min

Cutting Type

Flat Cutting

Zigzag Cutting

Continuous Cutting

Customized Special Shap Cutting

Film material


Stick Packing Machine

Stick Packing Machine

Stick Packing Machine

Stick Packing Machine

Stick Packing Machine

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