Screws Buttons Counting And Bag Machine

Screws Buttons Counting And Bag Machine

Product Description The tea bag packing machine is a machine used to pack granular ingredients in tea seed, medical, health care and tea industries. All these items can be wrapped in envelopes, and both threads and labels can be packaged at the same time.

product description

SED-10SD electronic counting machine (three-level wide channel) and bag making machine can automatically complete counting, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and other functions, mainly for automatic counting and packaging of solid particles (such as tablets and capsules) , Sugar cubes, screws, buttons, etc.), widely used in the fields of food, medicine and textiles.

Product Name

10SD Electronic Counting Machine (Wide Road, Level 3) & Bag Pulling Machine


15~40 bottle/min

Filling object

00 ~ 5 # capsule,Φ5.5 ~ 20 plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Φ3 ~ 20 pills

Bag size

L 40-80mm W 40-140mm

Applicable bottle type

Round, square plastic bottles

Compressed air

1.0 Mpa

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(1) Strong compatibility, you can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles, such as tablets (including shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), pills, etc.;

(2) Vibration blanking: 10-channel vibration uniform blanking, unique patented flapping and sub-packing mechanism, uniform and stable discharge, no damage to medicine.

(3) Anti-high dust: adopt the company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology, which can work stably under high dust conditions;

(4) Accurate counting: the photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is less than the national standard;

(5) The special structure of the leakage nozzle can prevent the medicine from being blocked, and the medicine bottle with a small bottle mouth can also be bottled quickly (optional);

(6) High degree of intelligence, with countless bottles, fault self-checking and other detection alarm control functions;

(7) Function matching: automatic detection of lack of bottle photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown;

(8) Simple operation: using intelligent design, various operating parameters can be set according to needs;

(9) Convenient maintenance: The operator only needs simple training, disassembly, cleaning and replacement of parts to operate, the operation is simple and no tools are required;

(10) Sealed and dustproof: equipped with dust box to reduce dust pollution (optional);

(11) The length of the packaging film can be set arbitrarily within the specified range, driven by a stepping motor, the bag is stable and reliable, and the speed can be selected;

(12) When there are color-coded positioning marks on the packaging film, the bag-making process can realize photoelectric automatic detection, positioning, sealing and cutting, and cutting to ensure the integrity of the bag-making pattern;

(13) Automatically shut down when there is no paper to ensure that no paperless operation occurs

(14) When the card is inserted or there is no card, it will automatically stop and alarm to ensure the stable operation of the machine.






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