Tear Tape Automatic Film Wrapping Machine

Product description The Cellophane Wrapping Machine is widely applicable to the automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of various single boxed articles. With new-type of double safeguard, no need stop of machine, other spare parts will not be damaged when the machine runs out of step....

main features

Characteristics of packaging machine

  A. Packaging machinery has a wide range of uses: currently on the market: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry are all in use (the machinery industry is relatively rare)  .

  B. Convenient to use (Complete multiple processes at a time: pull bag  bag making  filling  code  counting  metering  sealing  send product  automatic  Unmanned operation after setting. )

  C. High efficiency: the output of packaging machines in the Chinese market can be close to 120-240 package minutes   to replace the handmade products of the 1980s   output greatly exceeded that time.

  D. Clean, hygienic and energy-saving  Using packaging machine to be clean and hygienic  No need for manual work  Possibly use  clean  Sanitation   Save materials   Save bags   Save money  Environmental protection features.

4. The principle of the packaging machine: The vacuum packaging machine is placed into the packaging bag through the suction nozzle, evacuates the air, exits the suction nozzle, and then completes the sealing.

5. The composition of the packaging machine: vacuum pump, motor, vacuum chamber, sealing strip, plexiglass cover, air bag, solenoid valve, etc.

main parameter

Packing Material

BOPP Film and Gold Tear Tape

Packing Speed

40 to 80 packs/min

Packing Size

(L)240 * (W)120 * (H)60mm

Electric Supply

220V 50Hz 5KW



Overall Dimensions

(L)2000 * (W)700 * (H)1400mm

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