Toothpaste Cream Aluminum Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

Product description Tube sealing machine is widely used in sealing the aluminum plastic tube, laminated tube, multilayer tube etc.It's suitable for toothpaste, cosmetic, medicines, food, and industrial plastic tube tail welding. The high frequency vibration acts on the two surfaces of the...

Product description

The sealing machine is widely used for sealing aluminum-plastic tubes, laminated tubes, multi-layer tubes, etc. It is suitable for the tail welding of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food and industrial plastic tubes.

High-frequency vibration acts on the two surfaces of the plastic, and the heat generated by the vibration makes the two surfaces tightly welded together, and the strength of the welded area is the same as the other areas of the plastic. There is no need for adhesives or heating, instead of traditional hot pressing or bonding processes, low cost, no pollution, and no damage to plastic pipes.

After sealing, different tube tail shapes, flat shapes, semi-circular arc shapes, chamfered shapes, planes with hanger holes, etc. can be made according to customer needs.

main parameter

Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz





Tube length


Tube diameter




Machine size


Net weight


main features

1. To replace the traditional welding or bonding process, low cost, clean pollution-free and does not damage the plastic tube.

2. Intelligent automatic frequency tracking system, which can recognize the vibration frequency of the ultrasonic system automatically, so as to effectively protect the mold. Large output, small noise, stable performance, long life.

3. High welding strength, Good sealing performance, the strength of welding area is same as other area of the plastic.

4. Stable welding process, easy operation, easy maintenance.

5. Precision IC control circuit, automatic overload protection system.

6. Adopting PLC controller, easy to operate, auto-protecting system can avoid the damage caused by improper operation.

7. Four points balance adjustment, easy to adjust the welding head.

8. Aluminum/titanium radial pole, sonic, strong stability.

9. Auto filling, orientate, welding, cutting, filling is stable, accurate and noiseless.

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

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