Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

The machine is suitable for filling capsules in size 000#,00#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5# and imported capsules, Adopts mutual control of electrical equipment and air control device and equip electrical automatic counting device to finish the process of positioning, separating, filling and locking...

This capsule filling machine is suitable for the filling size of 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# capsules and imported capsules. It adopts electrical equipment and air control device to control each other, and Equipped with an electric automatic device counting device to complete the capsule positioning, separation, filling and locking process, which can improve productivity and reduce labor. 

The whole process complies with GMP standards. The machine runs smoothly, the filling dose is accurate, the structure is novel, and the operation is convenient. Currently, it is the ideal machine for filling capsules in the modern pharmaceutical industry.

 Oil Capsule Filling Machine


1. High-capacity, high-definition recordable information, in line with CGMP, FDA certification

2. The linear bearings imported from Japan are used to ensure the long service life of the machine and the high precision of the machine

3. The worktable cam runs under good lubrication conditions, and fully maintains the internal lubrication of the cam groove, which increases the service life of the pressure crusher oil pump and extends the service life of the parts. Lip seal provides better sealing performance

4. Using PLC and touch screen control, stepless variable frequency motor, all parameters can be set on the touch screen, the operation is very convenient

5. Three-dimensional adjustment of the metering plate, uniform space to ensure accurate filling, the capsule yield can reach 99% 



JTJ-V Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine





Type of filling materials


Capsule Size

000#-5# and safety capsule


380/220V 50/60Hz  2.2KW



Net Weight


Locking Device



Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

Oil Capsule Filling Machine

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