Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

This machine is designed to meet the volume-produce on the base of model NJP-1200. fully automatic capsule filling machine. the function is to reach the domestic advanced level. it is the most ideal hard capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical industry. Characteristics It has been improved...

Capsule filling machine maintenance:


1. When the machine normally works for a long time, the parts directly in contact with the medicine should be cleaned regularly. When the drug batch is changed or the use period is long, it should also be cleaned.

2. The transmission mechanism under the working surface of the machine should always be added with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil (grease) to reduce the wear of moving parts.

3. The oil quantity of the main reducer should be checked once a month. If it is insufficient, refuel in time. Lubricating oil should be changed every six months. The indexing box of the turntable should be replaced every 3000h. According to experience, 90 is usually used. #Motor oil.

4. When the machine is overloaded, the safety clutch plays a protective role. When the load is normal, the clutch should not slip, but due to long-term use, the clutch may also slip. When slipping occurs during normal use, the clutch round nut can be tightened. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it can play a protective role.

5. The main function of the vacuum separator of the vacuum system is to suck the capsule into the upper and lower modules during the hard capsule filling process, and separate the bottle cap from the valve body. If the capsule cannot be separated from the cap and body, subsequent filling cannot be performed. The turntable of the machine runs one station at a time, the main shaft of the machine rotates once, and the vacuum separator moves up and down once under the action of the cam. If the separation between the capsule cover and the main body is not smooth, check the gap between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module. If the gap is too large, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system cannot reach the vacuum degree (0.05MPa) required to separate the bottle cap and the main body. If the gap is too small, it is easy to collide and deform the lower part. Module. When you need to adjust the position of the vacuum separator, please use the handle to turn the main shaft to raise the vacuum separator to the highest position, and then loosen the lock nuts at both ends of the adjusting rod under the machine tool table (one for left-handed nuts and one for right-handed nuts) ), then turn the adjusting rod to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then tighten the nut, and use the handle to rotate the main motor shaft to test until it is suitable. The vacuum degree is read on the vacuum gauge on the machine operation panel. When the vacuum degree is too high, the vacuum degree adjustment valve can be opened appropriately. When the vacuum degree is too low, the vacuum degree regulating valve can be closed or closed. The filter of the vacuum system should be opened regularly to remove the clogged dirt to ensure that the vacuum system has sufficient vacuum.

6. The transmission chain should be checked once a week and an appropriate amount of grease should be added. If necessary, tighten again. When the chain is too loose and needs to be tightened again, the tensioner should be moved to adjust, but the chain cannot be opened or the chain cannot be separated from the sprocket, so as not to destroy the movement sequence of the whole mechanism and prevent the movement of the mechanism from being disturbed.

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Technical data:





2000 capsules/min

2300 capsules/min

Filling type

powder, pallet,tablet

No. of segment bores



Power supply

380/220V 50Hz

Suitable capsule sizes

capsule size 00-5 and safety capsule A-E

Filling error



≤75db A

Making rate

empty capsule 99.9% full capsule over 99.5%

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight


Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

Herbal Capsule Filling Machine

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