Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

The highest: 260 tablets per minute. Standardization of products, serial production: manufacturing parts common interchangeability of more than 99%, each part has a fixed code, positioning holes to replace the mold parts positioning, repeat positioning accuracy; quick die change, simple...

Highest: 260 tablets per minute. Standardized products and mass production: The general interchangeability of manufactured parts is more than 99%, each part has a fixed code, and the positioning hole replaces the positioning of the mold parts, with repeated positioning accuracy; rapid mold change, simple operation and easy cleaning.

Gel Capsule Filling Machine


1. For all transmission cams, from the original outer cam through spring tension to the improvement of high-quality special materials, the production of grooved wheel drive, the spring is out of tension fatigue, short service life, long service life, good wear resistance and stable operation.

2. Considering that the equipment is running for a long time, the dust is easy to enter the mold turntable, and the cleaning factor needs to be removed. The innovative design seals the seal ring outside the dustproof device. Fully guarantee the tightness and maintainability of equipment operation Troublesome disease.

3. Increase the jog control system, easy to manufacture and clean humanized operation.

4. When the capsule is missing, the liquid will automatically stop feeding


Machine Model

NJP-260 New design NJP hard liquid capsule filling machine







Motor Power


Power Supply

Three-phase four-wire AC 380V/50Hz

Max Capacity

260 grains/min

Filling Capsule Models

00#~5#, secure capsule A~E

Good filling rate





Liquid more than 300mg≤±3%

Compressed Air

0.06m3/min 0.3Mpa

Source of water

Water-ring vacuum pump matching with water tank to recycle the water, or using external water source.

Vacuum Degree

-0.02~-0.06 MPa

Water flowing rate


Inner diameter of inlet tube


Inner diameter of outlet tube


Environment temperature


Plant height

Human feeding≥2.6m, Vacuum feeding≥2.8m

Relative humidity


Air Displacement


Control System

Stepless frequency converter, PLC control


All the parts directly contacting with capsule and liquid adopt high quality of 304 and 316L stainless steel.

Gel Capsule Filling MachineGel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Gel Capsule Filling Machine

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