High Speed Aluminum Plastic Blister Packing Machine

High Speed Aluminum Plastic Blister Packing Machine

SED-260GP blister packing machine is a machine adopts in the lead position of quality, good capability, all-round function, good reliability and high productivity. It adopts auto-controlling technology and uses new material, new craft, and new technology to make the structure more reasonable.

Simple Introduction:

The SED-260GP high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine combines the good formability of a flat pattern packaging machine with the high speed of a roller patterning machine. Through reasonable speed matching, molding can be completed at low speed. The speed of the sealing station, compression station and punching station can reach 120 cuts per minute. High speed, perfect function

The high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is the latest high-precision roller and flat blister packaging machine developed by our company. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment and electronic fields. It is suitable for packaging capsules, tablets, milk cubes, candy, electronic components and similar materials, and adopts aluminum PVC sealed packaging and paper PVC blister packaging. 

Blister Packing Machine

Main Technical Data:



Speed(Standard Plate 80mm×57mm×3)





20-250 mm

Max. Forming Area




Power and E-Consumption

Three Phase 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ)


Air Consumption

Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa

Air consumption:0.2m³/min

Cooling Water Consumption

Water pressure:0.1-0.25Mpa

Water consumption:0.01-0.02m³/min







PVC roll diameter


PTP roll diameter


PVC & PTP core diameter





1) Plate-type universal feeder although easy and not high effective, it is very extensively applied and suitable for large size and small size capsule, various tablets and pills.

2)High speed vibrating feeding. The feeder can suitable for any speed of the machine. Our Vibration Feeder adopts Stainless Steel tube for feeding, Suitable for GMP Standard.

3)  High-precise servo stepping. The machine adopts Servo Motor for Running. So the speed adjusting and running will be more accuracy.

4)  The machine is equipped Double Sealing makes the Sealing Perfect, no air run trough the seal.

5)  Whole Body Stainless steel with Flexi Glasses. Better Appearance.

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

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