Flat Type Blister Packing Machine

DPP-260K Flat Type Blister Packing Machine could be separated to enter elevator and clean workshop, adopt column pin location, bolt-fixation, easy to serial production

I. Main function: Mechanism forming, special automatic feeding, sealing, perforation, embossing and cutting. Suitable Al-PVC & Al-Al blister packing for tablets, capsules, irregular tablets, etc.

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

III. Main Technical Parameters:

Cutting Speed (standard dimension 57×80mm×4 )Alu/Alu: 20- 40 punches/min Alu/PVC: 20-70 punches/min
Production CapacityAlu/Alu: 80-160 blisters/min Alu/PVC: 80-280 blisters/min
Range Of stroke40-120mm
Max. Forming Area260 ×115mm
Max. Formed DepthAlu/Alu: 12mm Alu/PVC: 18mm special: 25mm
Forming power (upper& lower heating)2kw (×2)
Heat-Sealing power1.5kw (×2)
Total power3phases 380V 50HZ 9kw
Motor Power1.5kw
Volume Flux Of Air Pump≥0.4m3/min
Overall machine dimension4700×820×1820mm
Packing Material


Sealing Al-Foil (PTP):0.02-1.05×260mm

Forming Al-Foil:0.09-0.15×260mm

II. Characteristic:  

1. DPP-260K flat-plate blister packaging machine can be separated into elevator and clean workshop. It adopts pin positioning and bolt fixation, which is easy for mass production.

2. The mold accurately locates the daily positioning pins and trims the pressing plate.

3. The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: (punching frequency is 70 times/min). The corresponding punch-in frequency can be set according to the stroke, which is convenient for feeding

 4. The servo motor traction device is adopted, which has stable operation and good synchronization. The stroke design board size can be changed at will within the range of 30-120mm.

5. The forming and heating plate are automatically closed and opened. After the heating plate is put down, the start-up time may be prolonged, and the waste of materials is limited to less than one blister.

6. The air bed is sealed, and the net plate is lifted when the machine is stopped. It avoids the deterioration of bubbles due to heat radiation during settling, and it is also easy to clean the screen. At the same time, it acts as a buffer during overpressure, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the machine.

7. In the heat sealing work, the upper and lower screens have dotted meshes for both positive and negative (can also be applied online). Since the stresses on both sides are equal, the plate is flatter and the pressurizing capacity is also improved.

8. It adopts balcony structure, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. And equipped with an alarm system on the security door.

9. When PVC runs out and disappears, it will alarm and shut down, which is convenient for workers to replace PVC on time. The maximum diameter of the PVC roll can be 800mm to maintain long-term operation.

10. All hardware parts and containers are in contact with drugs, and are made of non-toxic stainless steel, which meets the requirements of "GMP".

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine


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