Blister Packing Machine For Disposable Syringe

Blister Packing Machine For Disposable Syringe

According to the latest demand of the market, scientific research technicians of our company designed and developed the line machine. which is specially for ampoule tray and packing into cartons. The lin machine integrating labeling, tray making, detection and cartooning packing into an organic...

According to the latest market demand, our company's scientific research and technical personnel have designed and developed the assembly line machine. Specially used for ampoules on trays and packaging into cartons.

This machine integrates labeling, pallet making, inspection and cartoon packaging into an organic whole, compact structure, simple operation and adopts PLC touch screen. Replacement parts can be specially designed according to customer requirements.

Blister Packing Machine


1. The distance can be adjusted freely in the same flat surface for forming, heat-sealing, perforation, punching parts etc. It is suitable for various sizes of foodstuff packaging, and it has high precision and good Suitability. 

2. Adjustable stroke, automatic feeding, register heating, positive pressure forming, up and down net web, cylinder heat-sealing, printing batch number with automatic perforation, mechanic dragging, easy operation, stable running. 

3. It is adopted with imported gear reducer with lower noise and long life. 

4. Correct location of die pressure plate, convenience of replacement. 

5. Combination mechanism, convenient to assemble and disassemble, easy maintenance. 

6. Equipped with temperature reserve chocolate feeder, it can ensure the chocolate charged smoothly, freely and accurately.


Technical data:

Travel Scope(mm)


Packing material(mm)

Pharmacy PVC

(0.2-0.5) x 230 -270

Packing material(mm)PTP alu foil

(0.02-0.5) x 230-270

Clean compressed air(pressure)

0.8- l.0MPa

Air consumption



AC380V 50Hz 6.5KW

Water cooling for moulds


Overall dimensions(mm)

3400x 650x 1450

Weight (Kg)


Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

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