Blister Card Packing Machine

Blister Card Packing Machine

This product is the innovative design of a new generation of industry high-speed blister packaging equipment, is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, capsule, tablet, milk slice, candy, the products such as aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum, paper-plastic composite seal packing. characteristic...

This product is an innovative design of a new generation of industrial high-speed blister packaging equipment, which is suitable for compound sealing fillers for pharmaceuticals, food, capsules, tablets, milk tablets, candy, aluminum plastic, aluminum aluminum, paper plastic and other products.


Mould exchange: as a traditional 250 type of improved, mould and old type completely general, is old customer renewal of very good choice.

Die an installation and adjustment : continue lathes type guide rail, use screw adjusting mode of poles, make cabinet protection design clever, can prevent drugs fall into the machine, it is more convenient to clean up.

Servo traction, set the more convenient, more easily to the cursor, PVC motor feeding, transmission more robust.

Can be divided structure, convenient transport elevator, gassong axis with PVC, aluminum foil, high-end better use.


Punch frequency (punches/min)


Capacity (blister/h)


Max forming area depth (mm)


Stroke (mm)

20-120 max:200

Standard blister (mm)

80*57 Can be designed as user’s requirements

Main motor power (kw)


Total power

380/220v 50hz 6kw

Packing materials

PVC hard pieces:0.15-0.5*260 mm PTP pieces:0.02-0.035*260 mm Cold forming the aluminum film:0.12-0.15*260 Dialysis paper:50-100g*260 Scold aperture:70-76 mm Packing material maximum width:270 mm

Mould cooling

Tap water or circulating water

Overall dimension (mm)

3500*720*1600 l*w*h

Weight (kg)


Blister Card Packing Machine

Blister Card Packing Machine

Blister Card Packing Machine

Blister Card Packing Machine

Blister Card Packing Machine

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