V Type Dry Powder Mixing Machine

V Type Dry Powder Mixing Machine

VH-100 V Type Dry Powder Mixing Machine/High Efficiency Blender/Blending Mahcine Product Description The mixer is used for mixing the dry material grains in the medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries. The mixing barrel structure is unique. The mixing efficiency is high....

 Product Description

The mixer is used to mix dry material grains in medicine, chemistry, food, metallurgy and other industries.

The structure of the mixing barrel is unique. High mixing efficiency. There is no unreachable corner. The barrel uses stainless steel, and its inner and outer walls are polished. Beautiful appearance. The mixing is uniform and the application range is wide. The mixer complies with GMP standards.


Technical Data 

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Material Fed in Time:


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1. Used for mixing dry powder and granular materials with good fluidity.

2. It consists of two asymmetric cylinders. The material can flow in vertical and horizontal directions. The mixing uniformity will be higher than 99%. 3. Vacuum feeding is used in the sealed state. According to the GMP standard, there is no drive structure inside, and it is clean and tidy, and there are no dead ends.

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