Constant Temperature Magnetic Stirrer

This instrument is another research achievement after SED-761 and SED-851 magnetic stirrer in our factory. It is an ideal analytical instrument for liquid heating and stirring.

Product description

This instrument is another research result of our factory following the SED-761 and SED-851 electromagnetic stirrers. It is an ideal analytical instrument for heating and stirring liquids. Hj-1 won the bid for the middle school department of the National Education Commission. They use brushless DC motors with low noise, fewer mechanical failures and stable speed regulation. The stirrer made of fluorine material and high-quality electromagnetic steel has the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and strong rotation force. And it can be used for mixing in sealed containers, which is ideal and convenient.

Main parameter

Power supply

220V±;10%  50Hz±;2%



Rotate speed


Constant temperature

Indoor temperature--100℃



Heating power


Temperature display

Two-way magnetic stirring

Main features

1. Using ceramic plane heating, large heating area, uniform heating and fast heating.

2. LCD: speed, temperature and time.

3. Cold drawn shell, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable.

4. Bring your own brace to fix the container easily.

5. Double loop switch control of heating and stirring, heating and stirring can be controlled separately.

6. Intelligent PID temperature control, one-key conversion, the first channel is PT100 thermal resistance, and the second channel is K-type thermocouple.

7. Equipped with sensor drop detection function;

8. Built-in temperature limit detection function to prevent the temperature from being too high and out of control;

9. DC permanent magnet motor, low noise, large torque and long life.

10. Stable low speed and strong high speed.

11. The inclined plane control panel is suitable for sitting and standing postures.

12. The appearance adopts streamlined design, dust-free and easy to wipe.


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