Pillow Type Flow Food Grade Packing And Filling Machine

Product description Mainly used for automatic packaging of Fresh Vegetables and fruits. As the last link of modern food production, the stable and safe automatic packaging machine is conducive to food preservation, reducing cost and improving product quality. main features 1. Anti-Empty bag...

main features

1. Airbag device: when the sensor doesn't detect the product, the sealing device of the packaging machine stops running, waiting for the conveyor to feed, don't produce empty bags, avert unnecessary waste of packaging film.

2.Anti-bite device: when the sensor detects that another item or product has been cut off, the system will determine whether it has been cut off and immediately return to the origin stop.

3. Automatic measuring length device

v-type feeding conveyor belt: stainless steel baffle and conveyor belt, removable, clean, pay attention to the safety and hygiene of the machine.


main parameter




3800*935*1350 mm


10-60 pcs/min

Max. Speed of Film

20 m/min

Max. Width of Film

400 mm

Max. Diameter of Film

300 mm

Product size (W)


Product size (H)


Cut-off Length


Power capacity

2 Phase, 5.0 KVA


520 kgs



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