High Speed Full Automatic Linear Bottle Capping Machine

The machine adopts three groups of friction rollers to screw caps. Screwed caps are not easily damaged by the screwing unit. And if caps are not screwed tightly or tilted, they will be found and rejected automatically. The screw capper is available for various bottles and its changeover is fast and easy. The machine overthrows conventional means of arranging cap by electromagnetic oscillation but arranges caps pneumatically to avoid noise pollution and reduce electric power consumption. It also provides international brand PLC controls, variable frequency controls and photoelectric controls. The machine is incorporated with the device of arranging and lifting cap and a big capacity of cap hopper, so less cap feeding times reduces labor intensity. Generally operators can grasp fluently. The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.

The machine uses three sets of friction rollers to tighten the nut. The tightening cover is not easily damaged by the tightening device. 

If the caps are not tightened or tilted, they are automatically found and discarded. The capping machine can be used for various bottles, and the conversion is quick and easy. 

The machine overturns the traditional capping method through electromagnetic oscillation, but in order to avoid noise pollution and reduce power consumption, the cap is arranged pneumatically. 

It also provides international brand PLC control, frequency conversion control and photoelectric control. The machine is equipped with a cover lifting device, and the discharge hopper has a large capacity, which reduces the discharge time and labor intensity. 

Usually, the operator can master it proficiently. This machine fully complies with GMP requirements.

Bottle Capping Machine

Capacity50~150 BPM
Power supply and consumption220V/50HZ
ComCompressed Air Supply0.6 Mpa

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine


Q1:Are You A Factory or A Trading Company?
A: We Provided Perfect OEM and After-sale Service.

Q2:Where is Your Factory? How Can I Visit Your Factory?
A:Our Factory is Located on HangZhou Zhejiang Province. We Are Warmly Welcom You Visit Our Factory if You Have a Travel Plan.

Q3:Can You Send Me the Video To Show The Machine Works?
A:Certainly, We Have Made Video of Every Machine.

Q4:How Can I Know Your Machine Is Designed For My Product?
A:You Can Send Us Samples of Your Product and We Test It On Machine.

Q5:How Can I Pay My Order?
A:Usually We Accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Cash Paying Methods.

Q6:Do you Have a Ce Certificate?
A:For Every Model of Machine, It Has a CE Certificated.

Q7:What about install?
A. Our engineers will be sent according to your project.However,the customer will pay the economic air tickets round trip and arrange the accommodation for them.

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