High Speed Full Automatic Bottle Capping Suitable For All Sizes Of Plastic Bottles

Bulk caps are transported from storage hopper by lifting device and load to sorting area. Caps are sorted by the centrifugal rotation and enter into selecting device continuously. Accepted caps will keep on going via the special lead rail, and enter into dropping area to wait the bottles. Inverted caps will be adjust posture to upright position and enter the lead rail. Before enter into lead rail, unqualified caps will be rejected by detection device. Bottles are transported by conveyor and clamped by timing belts on both sides.Once arriving at the specified location, bottle mouth will take on the caps rely on running track contacts. Flexible pressing device will adjust and fit the caps in balance position and keep the function along the bottles enter the screwing area till the end. In the screwing area, 2 pairs of high-speed screwing rubber wheels to lock the caps on the bottles tightly. Two group of detectors are located on the output of the line, to ensure no unqualified bottles enter the next station.

High-speed automatic bottle capping machine bulk bottle caps are transported from the storage hopper by a lifting device, and then loaded into the sorting area. Capping machine

Centrifugal rotation and continuously enter the selection device. Acceptable bottle caps will continue to advance through the special guide rod and enter the descending area to wait for the bottle. The inverted bottle cap adjusts its posture to the upright position and enters the guide rail. Before entering the rails, unqualified covers will be rejected by the inspection equipment.

The bottles are transported by a conveyor belt, and the timing belts on both sides are clamped. After reaching the designated position, the mouth of the bottle will rely on the contact of the running track to remove the cap.

The flexible pressing device can adjust and install the bottle cap in a balanced position, and make the function enter the screw-in area along the bottle to the end. In the tightening area, use 2 pairs of high-speed tightening rubber wheels to tighten the cap.

Two sets of detectors are located at the output end of the production line to ensure that no unqualified bottles enter the next station.

Bottle Capping machine

Capacity50~150 BPM
Power supply and consumption220V/50HZ
Control SystemMCU
ComCompressed Air Supply0.6 Mpa

Bottle Capping machine

Bottle Capping machine

Bottle Capping machine

Bottle Capping machineBottle Capping machine


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