Automatic bottle filling and capping machine

Product description This automatic rotary filling capping machine is designed to filling E-liquid, cream and sauce products into bottles or jars, such as edible oil, shampoo, liquid detergent, tomato sauce and so on. It is widely used for filling bottles and jars of different volumes, shapes and...

Main parameter


220V 50Hz



Air pressure



Electric + Pneumatic



Filling Range

5-50ml can customized


30-60 Bottles/Minute



Net Weight




Main features

1. Advanced Human-machine interface. Filling volume can be set directly and all the data can be adjusted and saved 2. Being driven by servo motors makes the filling accuracy higher 3. Perfect homocentric cut stainless steel piston makes the machine with high precision and working life of the sealing rings last longer 4. All material contacting part is made of SUS 304. It is corrosion resistance and completely in conformity with standard of food hygiene 5. Anti-foam and leaking functions

6. The piston is controlled by servo motor so that the filling accuracy of each filling nozzle will be more stable. 7. The filling speed of cylinder filling machine is fixed. But you can control the speed of each filling action if using the filling machine with servo motor. 8. You can save several group of parameters on our filling machine for different bottles

Adjustment method

1. Adjustment of feeding half.

a. Adjust the bottle blocking plate A on the feed half upward to shorten the stroke for adapting to the bottle; adjust downward to extend the stroke for adapting to the bottle.

b. Adjust the positioning bottle position from left to right so that the movable tooth aligns with the bottle position so that the bottle can be smoothly fed into the positioning tooth.

c. Adjust the bottle blocking plate B so that the width of the bottle inlet is about 22 mm.

2. The adjustment of the infusion component. The function of the infusion component is to make the liquid medicine be delivered to each easy-pull bottle through the medicine filling device, the one-way valve, and the needle in time. Therefore, the needle must be appropriate when entering the bottle mouth, and the filling time should also be appropriate.

a. Adjust the side cam A to rotate forward or reverse so that the needle is inserted into the mouth of the bottle as soon as the empty bottle enters the toothed position. Start the needle before leaving the toothed position.

b. Filling time adjustment: turn the cam B forward or reverse to adjust the needle to enter the bottle mouth immediately after filling, stop filling before the needle leaves the bottle mouth.

c. Liquid volume adjustment: loosen the nut 1 to adjust the ejector rod in the direction D, the liquid volume increases; adjust the liquid volume in the C direction to decrease, and at the same time adjust the nut 2 to the F direction to decrease the liquid volume, and adjust the E direction to increase the liquid volume When adjusting, pay attention to the limit position of the medicine filling device, so as not to damage the medicine filling device. Generally, the bottom of the medicine filling device should be no less than 15 mm from the medicine tip. The longer the pouring time, the better.

3. The working principle and adjustment of the automatic stop irrigation device.

When moving the tooth plate to move the bottle to the tooth filling position, the convex surface of the cam 7 is separated from the swing plate 6, the swing plate 6 is pulled by the tension spring 4 to swing clockwise, and the swing plate 6 drives the bottle The bolt 2 moves downward until it contacts the bottle 3. At this time, the wire rolling head 5 should be adjusted to contact the swing plate 6 and the adjustment screw 8 should be adjusted to make the ejector pin 1 extend about 4 mm. An empty bottle appears in this position. The bottle plug 2 and the rocking plate 6 continue to move downward due to the action of the tension spring 4 until the steel wire rolling head 5 pulls the steel wire to disengage the ejector pin 1 from the ejector 9 so that the medicine filling device cannot be driven to automatically stop pouring the medicine liquid.

4. Matters needing attention

Because the machine is a bottle filling and locking device, the discharge is covered and sealed. In order to prevent the bottle after the lock from turning over, be sure to put a few empty bottles on the discharge hopper before the first bottle is discharged. Keep the bottle after filling to be smoothly transferred to the discharge hopper, and use the bottle hopper to send to the next process.

5. This lock device is a digestion of foreign advanced technology. According to the domestic oral liquid production situation, it is specifically designed for existing specifications of easy-to-open bottles. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the geometric dimensions and errors of easy-to-open bottles. If there are special requirements Or other specifications, please contact our technical department.





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