Cigarette Box Packing Machine

Cigarette Box Packing Machine

Overwrapping machine is suitable for the automatic packing of box-shape single objects or multi pack & stack pack. It can replace the box in the paper and also can reduce the packing cost about 95%. Using the machine to pack can defend take proof moisture and proof dust , and etc. Overwrapping machine improve the productions level , increase the productions additional value.

The wrapping machine is suitable for automatic packaging box-shaped single items or multiple packaging and stacking packaging.

 It can replace cartons and can reduce packaging costs by about 95%. The packaging of this machine can prevent moisture, moisture, dust, etc. The packaging machine improves the production level and increases the added value of production.

Packing Machine

Total Power Consumption

3.0 Kw

Power Supply


Air Supply

0.6 mpa

Packing speed

10~30 Parcels/min

Packing size

L 100~450,W 70~220,H 40~130 mm

Applicable Material


Paper roll/Film roll Diameter



800 kg

Main Profile Dimension

1650*850*1300(adjustable50~100) mm

Conveyor Dimension

1500*300*850(adjustable50~100) mm

Packing Machine

Packing Machine

Packing Machine

Packing Machine

Packing Machine