Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

Product description The machine uses PLC into the human-machine interface control, the action of all cylinder drive, the film system using servo motor control, can be adjusted under the film size, with stable and reliable operation, sealing solid, smooth and beautiful, easy maintenance Features....

Product description

The machine adopts PLC to enter the man-machine interface control, full cylinder drive action, and the film system adopts servo motor control, which can be adjusted according to the size of the film. It has stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, stable and beautiful, and convenient maintenance.

The main body is made of imported aluminum alloy frame and closed plexiglass protective cover. The body platform and parts are all made of stainless steel, which conforms to hygiene standards and has a beautiful appearance.

main parameter


Production capacity




3N AC 380V 50HZ


Motor power



Hot generator power



Overall dimension

(L) 2180mm (W) 1000mm (H) 1500mm


Convey dimension

(L) 1600mm (W) 270mm (H) 770mm





Working pressure


Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

main features

1. Imported brand-name products for important electrical appliances, the programmable controller adopts American AB company, the man-machine interface adopts Siemens, and the servo motor system adopts Panasonic. In Germany Weidmüller's small relays, solid state relays all use Gute. Delixi AC contactor.

2. The pneumatic components can be Taiwan Liqi.

3. Use a servo motor to pull the film.

4. Make the product contact the stainless steel surface.

5. Push the box, cut the film, bend the corner, seal the long side, seal, up and down plastic pneumatic system.

6. Equipment adjustment and easy operation. Cut film integration.

7. Use imported aluminum equipment.

8. Push carton carton protection The main body of the push carton has a card box that automatically trips and automatically shuts down, which can ensure the integrity of the package.

9. More user-friendly automatic control, with current status display, current fault display, historical alarm view, and post-fault handling methods.

10. In the electrical installation and wiring, the wiring is neatly arranged, and each line is marked by the logo on the logo, which can make it more convenient for users to find and maintain.

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

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