Automatic PVC Tea Bag Packing Machine

Product description Automatical cellophane 3d packing machine is anti-counterfeiting packaging, moisture-proof, dustproof, easy to break up the effect, is beneficial to improve the grade of tea farmers, improve the effect of exterior decoration, improve product added value, easy transportation...

Product description

The automatic PVC tea bag packaging machine is a packaging material of Bopp film or PVC, which can fold the packaging material into a hexahedral three-dimensional bag making equipment.

It is widely used in cosmetics, medicines, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other cellophane packaging (has the same effect as cigarette packaging).

Tea Bag Packing Machine

main parameter



Packing size(can be adjustable)

L:40-200mm W:20-200mm H:10-60mm

Packing speed

25-120 bags/min

Air pressure



380V 50/60Hz







Tea Bag Packing Machine

main features

1. Membrane system adopts servo motor control, membrane size adjustable, reliable operation, strong seal, smooth and beautiful, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on.

2.Packaging machine all use SS304 material, clean and safe, easy to clean.

3. The model is fast, mature technology, continuous operation, high efficiency.

4.Quiet working environment, low noise, energy saving.

5. Test machine to send diaphragm clutch does not waste packaging materials.

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing MachineTea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

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