Automatic Tea Box Bopp Film Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

Product description This machine is suitable for overwrapping different specification of carton, box with cellophane or BOPP film, which is designed innovatively on the basis of introducing and absorbing the congeneric products advanced technology at home and abroad. The main body of the machine...

Product description

 This machine is widely used in medicine, health care products, nutrition food, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio-visual products and other products of single box automatic packaging, such as medicine boxes, playing cards, notes, tapes, cigarettes and other packaging.With anti-forging, moisture-proof characteristics; dust, improve product value, improve product quality, improve the quality of decoration.1

main features

1. According to the CE standard to open the door and stop, greatly improving the safety factor of the machine in use.

2. When the package size and specifications change, the machine only needs to change the mode(mold parts) and can be adjusted appropriately.

3. Sealed heating plate controlled by a microcomputer, can be set according to changes in the external environment.The heating temperature can be maintained within the set temperature range.

main parameter

Production   efficiency

35-70   cases/min

Power   supply

3N AC 380V   50HZ

Motor power


Total   heater power


Specifications   of the machine



about   1200KG

Air pressure




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