Automatic Cosmetic Cellophane Machine

Product description Automatical cellophane 3d packing machine is anti-counterfeiting packaging, moisture-proof, dustproof, easy to break up the effect, is beneficial to improve the grade of tea farmers, improve the effect of exterior decoration, improve product added value, easy transportation...

Product description

The automatic cellophane 3d packaging machine is anti-counterfeit packaging, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and fragile. It is beneficial to improve the grade of tea farmers, improve the decorative effect, increase the added value of the product, and is convenient for transportation and long-term storage.

The market competition of packaging products is more intense and the prospects are more promising. This machine is an advanced technology developed and produced by our company based on the introduction of similar foreign products. In order to meet the current market demand, professional technicians have introduced one of the most innovative and ideal packaging equipment.

This machine is a packaging material for BOPP film or PVC, and the packaging will be a packaging equipment in three-dimensional hexahedral folding packaging.

It is widely used for skin packaging of external cosmetics, medicines, food, health care products, audio and video products, stationery, daily necessities and other cellophane packaging boxes (the same effect as cigarette packaging).

3d packing machine

main parameter



Packing size(can be adjustable)

L:40-200mm W:20-200mm H:10-60mm

Packing speed

25-120 bags/min

Air pressure



380V 50/60Hz







main features

1. Automatical Cellophane 3D Packing Machine used imported PLC man-machine interface control, stable and quick.

2. Membrane system adopt servo motor control, size can be adjusted under membrane,has reliable operation, strong smooth seal is beautiful, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc.

3. All the packing machine is made from SS304, clean and safe, easy for cleaning.

4. This model got higher speed, technology very mature, the continuous running make it very high efficiency.

5.Work environment quiet, low noise, saving energy.

6. Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, simple and convenient operation and maintenance.

7. No waste of packing material for film delivery clutch of test machine.

3d packing machine

3d packing machine

3d packing machine

3d packing machine

3d packing machine

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