Automatic pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Product description Automatic pharmaceutical Packaging Machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products, industry square appearance decoration items in a box, etc. Such as PCS, chewing gum, health care products, tea, sugar, condoms, rubber, mosquito-repellent...

Automatic pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

main features

1. Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, convenient operation and maintenance;

2. Adopt multifunctional digital frequency converter, stepless speed change;

3. It only takes 40 minutes to change the mold;

4. With automatic feeding, automatic counting and other functions;

5. The transmission part is equipped with various protection devices and fault prompts;

6. Debug the film feeding clutch without wasting packaging materials.

7. Due to the use of a new type of double protection mechanism, other spare parts will not be damaged when the machine stalls without stopping the machine.

main parameter

Packaging Machine



Packaging materials

BOPP the gold thread smoke membrane and anti-counterfeiting

Packing size

L50-150mm W20-80mm H10-40mm

Machine size








Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine