A4 Photocopy Paper Cellophane Wrapping And Filling Machine

A4 Photocopy Paper Cellophane Wrapping And Filling Machine

Product description The machine is designed by ourselves on basis of producing cellophane overwrapping machine for few years’ experience, which working principle is driven by a series of mechanical structure and connecting pneumatic device, which can finish instantaneously multi-actions such as...

Product description

The packaging machine is based on our own design and has many years of experience in the production of cellophane packaging machines. Its working principle is a series of mechanical structures and connected pneumatic devices, which can complete multiple actions in real time, such as automatic paper feeding (film) and Paper (film). Drop, correct deviation, wrap in paper (film), glue and wrap.

The packaging machine integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and instrumentation. Reasonable structure, advanced technology and convenient operation. Suitable for packaging anti-static copy paper in official A4 format worldwide. It replaces manual packaging, reduces work intensity and improves work efficiency.

main parameter

Production   capacity:   

9-15   (packs/min)

A4 copy   paper size(standard):



380v   50~60hz



Compressed   air:


Overall   dimensions:     

4600x1300x1450mm   without safety cover

4600x1300x1680mm   with safety cover



Wrapping And Filling Machine

main features

1. The main structure is driven by a series of cams, connecting rods and working accessories to complete the packaging. High stability and low noise.

2. It adopts multi-function digital frequency conversion speed control and adopts Siemens PLC program control.

3. Touch screen to realize human-machine interface.

4. Single paper packaging, using feeding device system, input paper is accurate.

5. Roll paper packaging, equipped with automatic clutch control device, so that the roll paper has the function of automatic lifting photocell sensor, and the color film cutting accuracy is high.

6. If the packaging material is PE laminated paper, the machine is connected to the glue machine and the spray is adjustable.

If the packaging material is a printed film, a photocell sensor is provided to reduce the packaging cost, while improving the cutting accuracy, packaging effect, and sealing performance of the color film.

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