Multiple Functions Accuracy Desktop Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Product description This newest labeling machine features many advantages, it has a small footprint, lightweight design, perfectly suitable to use in a small space. Full automatic processing provided by PLC control and fast labeling speed to save your precious time, it's the best choice for...

Product description

This latest labeling machine has many advantages. It occupies a small area and is light in design. It is very suitable for use in small spaces.

PLC controlled automatic processing, fast labeling speed, saving your precious time, so it is the best choice for such small size automatic labeling.

In addition, it can also be matched with bottle making machines to increase bottle feeding and bottle collecting functions.

main features

1. Lightweight and humanized design

Compared with the ordinary automatic labeling machine, it is small enough to sit on the table, and the ordinary automatic labeling machine is large and inconvenient to move.

2. Automatic photoelectric sensor

Intelligent control of label and bottle inspection, automatic calibration and inspection of labels to avoid label waste.

3. Automatic bottle feeding

By eliminating the small size difference between each bottle, the bottles are automatically separated to improve stability.

4. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy body

Elegant appearance, no deformation, high-quality 304SS material meets GMP standards, providing the best experience.

5. The best imported components

The best parts are carefully selected to manufacture the machine, ensuring high quality and long service life.

6. Automatic batch processing

Easy to operate and maintain, reduce labor cost and improve work efficiency.

7. Various functions

Automatic counting, shutdown and power saving, automatic saving settings, etc.

8. Touch screen control

Easy to control and switch between different settings, its features and user interface of the guide.

9. High label stability

The label is straight and flat, without bubbles or creases.

main parameter


20-200pcs/min (depends on actual size of the bottles and labels)

Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height


Label Length





 220v 50/60hz  110V 60HZ







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