High Speed Full Automatic Bottle PVC Sleeve Shrink Applicator Labeling Machine

Product description Shrink label sleeving machine adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter and transducer; besides, it adopts the positioning module to ensure the casting.label precise,rapid and stable. It not only has a highly precise position...

Product description

Shrink standard set machine adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo motor, servo drive, frequency converter; in addition, the use of positioning module to ensure casting.Labels are accurate, fast and stable.It not only has a very precise position of the cast label, but also can withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after contraction.

1. The new label steam shrink furnace greatly improves the heat shrink efficiency, suitable for a variety of plastic and glass bottles.For a variety of bottles and irregular round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc., the furnace is easy to adjust and maintain.Shrinkage is flat.

2. The steam injection method adopts the Steam distribution package design,the Steam guide system is adjustable, the pipeline is smooth, does not take up space,the exhaust port is divided into three sections on each side.Each section of the height, front, rear, air volume can be individually adjusted to achieve maximum.Good shrinkage effect.

3.Low pressure steam distribution bag with seamless steel pipe design, each connecting pipe using stainless steel hose quick connector, easy removal and installation.

4. The shell of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, energy saving, in line with food safety standards.

main features

1. Full cover stainless steel host: machine waterproof rust.

2. Adjustable head: unique roundabout cutting, double-sided edge, long service life.

3.Single positioning Center guide post: label delivery is more stable.

4. Synchronous bottle divider: make the bottle drive more stable.

5. Label brush base: cast labels more precisely.

6. Label Control Electric Eye holder: unique combination of tail and electric eye for improved accuracy

For cutting off the film material.

7. Button control Cabinet: more user-friendly operation.

8. Independent loading rack: loading rack position is optional.

main parameter

Main performance parameter:

Production capacity :

2000-9000 bottles/hour 

Input power :


Input voltage :

220V AC 

Size of host machine (L*W*H) :


Weight :


Applicable diameter of bottle body :

Φ28 mm-Φ100 mm 

plicable length of label :

30 mm-220 mm 

Applicable thickness of label:

0.03 mm-0.13 mm 

Applicable internal diameter of paper tube :

5" - 10 "free adjustment

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