Carton Labeling Machine

Carton Labeling Machine

Core working principle:The sensor detects the signal to return products after labeling control system, signal processed by PLC, posted at the appropriate time send label attached to the product set position, products covered through the calibration device, label coated firmly, a label attached to complete action

Core working principle: the sensor detects the signal of the labeling control system and returns the product, the PLC processes the signal, and pastes it when appropriate, the label is attached to the product setting position, the product is covered by the calibration device, the label is applied tightly, and the label is completed action

Carton Labeling Machine

The standard system

Step Motor


20-130 carton/min

Operating Direction

Left or right

Label speed

≤35 m/min

Tags volume inner diameter

76 mm

Tags volume outer diameter

350 mm (max)

Label Specifications

Glassine backing Paper , opaque label (The application of carton Can be customized according to customer’s demand)

Labeling accuracy

±1.0mm (subject to the roughness of the plane)



Total motor power


Power supply

AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase

Size appearance (mm)

2200 (L) 1800 (W) 1500(H)

Carton Labeling Machine

Carton Labeling Machine

Carton Labeling Machine

Carton Labeling Machine

Carton Labeling Machine

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