Automatic Bopp Labelling Machine

Automatic Bopp Labelling Machine Product description BOPP labeling machineis widely suitable for different material of container and label. The label cost is comparatiely lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have diverse kinds of the containers. It is the most economical models...

Automatic Bopp Labelling Machine

Product description

BOPP labeling machine is widely applicable to containers and labels of different materials. The label cost is relatively low and can meet the requirements of users who have various containers. 

Mass production and integrated operation are the most economical models in terms of cost. The equipment uses a large number of modular design concepts, making it easy and simple for users to replace bottles. 

Whether it's from replacing the star wheel, guide plate or manual speed adjustment to automatic speed adjustment, for example, the program can be changed only by changing the program label. The product concept that the device is for users and considers is everywhere.

main parameter

Main machine outer size

according to machine model

Equipment weight

2-4.0 t

Production capacity

80-600 b/m (on the basis of 500ml bottle, Φ65mm label length )

Shapes of users’ bottle

column aspect

Type of gluewater

hot melt glue

Diameter of botter


Material of label

paper, OPPpaper, OPP

Colorperation manner

fully automatic

Length of belt to convey the bottles


Voltage requirement

380±10%V 50H

Air source requirement


Total power

10-26 kw

main features

1. Positioning the container by the board fixed upward and downward, the container can be accurately positioned in various positions.

2. The roller is applied with glue and pasted on the head and tail of the label, which reduces the amount of glue and makes the glue traces even and beautiful.

3. It is very simple and quick to change different containers and labels of configuration components.

4. The label station is a station for storage.

5. The exposed surface is wrapped with acid/alkali stainless steel, and the stainless steel material is strictly processed. For example, the use of oxidation, spraying of plastics and painting techniques avoids corrosive pollution and is easy to clean and maintain.

6. The operation panel of the equipment adopts LCD touch screen man-machine dialogue. The operator can know various operating parameters of the equipment at any time, such as speed, production capacity and glue temperature.

7. The automatic screw conveying bottle device is adopted, and the operation space is large. The container can be adjusted for multiple gestures at once. The device for adjusting the brush plate is very simple.

8. Centralized oil supply system, easy to observe and operate.

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

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