Sprayer Filling And Capping Machine

PYG2/1Sprayer Filling and Capping machine for the application of liquid sprayer filling and capping for plastic or glass bottles.

Product description

PYG2 / 1 sprayer filling and capping machine, suitable for liquid sprayer filling and capping of plastic bottles or glass bottles. 

The machine consists of conveyor, ceramic piston pump (optional peristaltic pump), upper and lower filling nozzles, liquid buffer tank, bottle indexing wheel and capping system. The loading and unloading of the bottles can be done through the loading and unloading turntable (Ø620mm or Ø900mm), or directly from the production line.

 It can effectively remove mineralized deposits, clean the inside, outside, and bottom of the barrel in all directions, improve the cleaning effect, reduce the secondary pollution of labor, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. 

The main material is stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Its main electrical components can use SIEMENS, OMRON brand, and the gas circuit can use AIRTAC brand products. The whole machine has compact structure, high and stable working efficiency, correct and sensitive action, and high degree of automation. It is a triad of auxiliary equipment.

Filling And Capping Machine

Main parameter

Kind of bottle

Various kinds of plastic/glass bottle

Bottle size*

Min. Ø20mm   Max. Ø40mm

Kind of cap

Pump- cap(sprayer cap)

Cap size*

Ø 20~ Ø35mm

Filing nozzles

2 heads



Filling volume*

Range 5~60ml

Filling accuracy



220V 50/60Hz 1.5kw

Compress air require

15L/min, 4~6bar

Machine size mm

Length 1600, width1200, height 1800

Machine weight:


Main features

1. Bottle washing machine adopts new design, rough cleaning adopts the same direction for bottle input and output, saving operators and machine space.

2. Bottle output from rough and fine washing machine adopts twice bottle receiving, avoiding bottle reversal and broken.

3. Bottle washing machine uses intermittent rinsing, avoiding cross contamination caused by continuous rinsing.

4. Bottle input adopts the combination of bottle hook and guide plate, making the bottle input reliable and no bottle reversal.

5. Washing water can be recycled and filtered, reduce water consumption.

6. Filling adopts time and constant current theory; filling quantity can be adjusted by computer with high accuracy.

7. No bottle no filling, can realize CIP/SIP.

Filling And Capping Machine

Filling And Capping Machine

Filling And Capping Machine

Filling And Capping Machine

Filling And Capping Machine

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