Multifunction Automatic Cartoning Machine

Multifunction Automatic Cartoning Machine

The packaging equipment produced by our company has a product quality guarantee period of one year.

Customer requirements

         The product quality guarantee period of the packaging equipment produced by our company is one year. If there is a problem with product quality within one year, the factory is responsible for the warranty. 

After the one-year warranty expires, the factory will give priority to vulnerable parts, quotations, consumables and provide lifetime services. 

The service life of the main equipment provided by the factory can be guaranteed for more than 15 years, and it is manufactured in strict accordance with the standards.




Material type

Cartoning speed



30-50   cartons/min


Carton Requirement

Paper Quality  Requirement


Surface neat and   flat, can be absorbed

Size Range

L(50-200) x W(30X90)   x H(15-110)


Compressed gas source



Gas consumption


Power Supply

220V—380V   50Hz

Main motor power


Shape size L X W X H


Main Machine Size

Net Weight of Machine


Main performance structure features:

1. Adopt automatic feeding, open carton, into carton, sealing carton and output etc packaging form. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation adjustment is simple. 

2. Adopting servo / stepper motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine interface display operation is more clear and simple, high degree of automation, more humane.

3. Adopting photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system, no product does not suck the carton, to maximize the saving of packaging materials.


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