High Speed Automatic Packing Machine

High Speed Automatic Packing Machine

The high-speed automatic packaging machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machinery.

The high-speed automatic packaging machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machinery. Suitable for packaging of daily necessities and similar items such as aluminum plates, medicine bottles, cosmetics, electronic cards, automatic medicine packaging plates or transfer goods (plates account for more adjustability), and manual transmission and folding (automatically foldable 1-4 fold). And open cartons, cargo boxes, printing, box sealing, etc. The machine can be used alone or together with other equipment to form a packaging line.






Power supply

Three phase four wire Ac380v 50HZ

Gross power



Main machine speed:30-100box/min

Floding machine speed:30-100box/min

Air consumption


Packaging material

Carton quality; 250-450g/m2(depond on the box size)

Max size


Min size


Instructions quality


Instructions size


Machine size





  1. The main drive adopts ribbed v-belt featuring stable running and precised transmission.

2. Using servo motor drive for paper feeding to accurately adjust the feeding speed and adjust the density of the carton.

3. Using T-screw for the adjustment of all guide plates (electronic screw is optional),adjustment can be easily and accurately.

4. Several thicker belts with the vibrating motor (suction feeding is optional) make the paper feeding continuously and smoothly.

5.The highly integrated crutch shaping structure makes the adjustment of all standard and non-standard cartons easily.

6.The electric glue spraying system is convenient to remove and clean.

7. Crutch belt is with automatic tension function.

8. With small box positioning device, the taller or shorter boxes can be shaped accurately.

9. Adopt the photoelectric counter and kicking device.

10. The servo motor combined with the reverse hook device can finish the folding action accurately.

11. The transmission part can adjust the paper receiving position by sliding the belt up and down. It adapts to all carton models.

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