Stainless Steel 304 Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

260GZH automatic high speed cartoning machine is new model with innovation design base on bringing in foreign advanced technology, also strictly according to pharmaceutical industry "GMP" standard to manufacture. With high efficiency, high performance production capacity. Leaflet folding and conveying, carton opening and forming, posterior pushing structure and related technology all reach Europe and USA standards; Appearance simple design and posterior continuous pushing structure make operation and maintenance more convenient; four equal double row star wheel rotation type outward opening carton and under twice pre-forming device to ensure that carton open and form completely. This model is automatic high speed continuous cartoning machine with high performance product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic. Also can link to matching machine to form production line.

Main technical parameters:

The effective width of packaging material270mm
Guide roller width280mm(Aluminum alloy material)
Aluminum Aluminum working speed15 cuttings/min~40cuttings/min
Aluminum Plastic working speed15 cuttings/min~55cuttings/min
Machine max working speed60cuttings/min
PVC max diameterφ300mm
PTP max diameterφ300mm
PTP max diameterφ250mm
Tropical foil max diameterφ300mm
Waste collection max diameterφ400mm
Cold forming(ALU ALU)forming stretch area and depth250mm×100mm×12mm
PVC forming area and depth250mm×100mm×13mm
Servo motor control stepless adjustable stroke10mm~120mm
Air volume flow ≥0.36m3/min
Total machine power

380V、50Hz、4KW(ALU ALU power
380V、50Hz、7KW(ALU PVC power))

Equipment split size(mm)① 1850mm×650mm×1650mm

② 1700mm×900mm×1900mm

Packing size(mm)3900×1100×2000
Machine net weight2T

Automatic Continuous Cartoning MachineAutomatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

The biggest characteristic of this equipment is using mold positioning design, convenient for customers to replace the mold, reduce debugging time and material cost, the key parts are made of high quality stainless steel and high-grade Aluminum Alloy materials by machining center (CNC), mirror line cutting and other high precision CNC equipment into one processing type, retain the original texture finishing, highlight the noble quality. 

The transparent protective cover of fine workmanship arc to ensure the safety and the drawing processing of stainless steel cover operation add unlimited style for the overall design, the mechanical products can also bloom artistic charm, the whole process of the details of the pursuit of perfection concept throughout the design and production.

Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

Automatic Continuous Cartoning Machine

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