Automatic Vial Filling Stoppering Sealing Machine

BG60A Model filling and sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of yogurt, milk, fruit juice, spices, jams and other products.

Product description

BG60A filling and sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of yogurt, milk, juice, spices, jam and other products. The whole machine adopts Japanese Omron programmable logic controller, pneumatic control elements, and intelligent digital temperature control system. 

It has high sealing strength, good sealing performance, low failure rate, and small size. It is the preferred automated production product for enterprises. 

There is a handle for adjusting the amount of feeding, and a knob for adjusting the feeding speed, which can adjust the feeding amount and feeding speed at will; high filling accuracy;

According to environmental requirements, it can be changed to all-air explosion-proof type. Acne is completely removed and safer.

Filling Stoppering Sealing Machine

Main parameter

Item Model


Filling Range


Filling Nozzle

2 heads


20-30 bottle/min

Capping Rate


Power Supply

380V 50HZ three phase



Overall Dimension


Main features

1. Microcomputer control, tube pump filling, filling dose adjustment, filling range adjustment, high precision.

2. Filling nozzle does not contact with bottles, no pollution.

3. Tubular pump filling system, easy to clean

4. Automatic counting function

5. The design of the machine conforms to GMP standard

6. Each stand-alone machine can be operated independently and linked;

7. PLC control, touch bottle operation, simple and convenient operation;

8. The use of international famous brand electrical components, performance and stability; number of parts, and the adjustment is simple;

9. Plastic bottles and glass bottles are customized according to customer requirements.

Filling Stoppering Sealing Machine

Filling Stoppering Sealing Machine

Filling Stoppering Sealing MachineFilling Stoppering Sealing Machine

Filling Stoppering Sealing Machine

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