Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

This machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle, Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing technology processes.

 Simple Instruction:

The machine adopts PLC Control. Optical detect every part of the machine. The machine will stop automatically and trouble display when machine running exceptional in order to solving trouble in time. This machine can be used separately and also connect with Blister Packaging Machine online.04-1

Weight in kg1100
Steady production speed50-120 cartons/min
GrammageBetween 60-70g/m2
Size range(80-250) ×(90-170)mm (L×W)
Fold range(1-4 )fold
Power consumption in KW0.75
Standard power supply220V – 50Hz
Air consumption120-160L/min
Compressed Air Pressure0.6MPa
Noise<70 dB

7-2 Feature:

1. Rejection automatically if no product, nonstandard height or lack of leaflet.

2. Stop automatically if incorrect position of products into carton.

3. Stop automatically if no cartons or out of leaflet continues.

4. Easy to change to different products.


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