Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes 1to 4folds leaflet automatic folding, cantons in suction and open, products and leaflet put into, printing batch number, sealing or option hot-glue device. The machine can be single used or linked...

The electronic controller stabilizes the machine and guarantees the packaging quality. It includes automatic folding of 1 to 4 fold flyers, air extraction and opening status, product and flyer placement, batch number printing, sealing or optional hot glue equipment. 

The machine can be used for one-time use, and can also be linked with filling machines, blister packaging machines, shrinking machines, three-dimensional packaging machines, etc. to form a production chain.

Auto Cartoning Machine


1. Internationally renowned brands of electrical components such as PLC touch screen and inverter

2. Using man-machine operating system.

3. Automatic display fault, speed and finished product counting device.

4. If there is no product or the product location is incorrect, the machine will run without pressing. If the product does not enter the carton in the correct position or has no carton or continuously exits from the leaflet after the product is returned, it will automatically stop.

5. No product does not suck leaflets, no product leaflets do not suck paper boxes.

6. Automatic detection and rejection device, no bubbles, no bubbles.

7. Automatic overload protection. 8. Stable performance and easy operation.


Main technical parameters

Encasing speed



Quality requirement


Dimension rangeL×W×H


Quality requirement



Unfolded leaflet specificationL×W


Foldn range


Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption




Motor power


Machine dimension(L×W×H)


Machine weight


Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine

Auto Cartoning Machine