Aluminum Foil Cartoning Machine

Aluminum Foil Cartoning Machine

This cartoning machine is a model that our company has innovated and designed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, and strictly manufactures according to the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. High-efficiency, high-performance production capacity, leaflet...

This cartoning machine is a model designed by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and it strictly follows the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for production. 

High-efficiency, high-performance production capacity, leaflet folding and conveying, carton erection and back-pushing mechanism technology are in line with European and American standards; compact design and rear continuous push structure make operation and maintenance easier. The quarter double planetary gear rotates outward to open the box and has two pre-formed devices to ensure that the carton is fully expanded.

This machine is a fully automatic continuous high-speed cartoning machine integrating machinery, photoelectricity and pneumatics. It can be used to automatically produce aluminum-plastic blister plates, bottles, hoses, soft double-layer aluminum and bag-like items. 

It can also be connected to a packaging production line. Unpacking mechanism: This mechanism uses a quarter double planetary gear to rotate outwards to open the box. Compared with the inward movement of similar models of other companies, the advantage of this method is that when the carton size is large, it will not collide with each other. 

The mechanism also has two carton pre-forming devices to ensure that the carton is completely erected.

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine


Encasing Speed



Quality requirement

250-450g/m2 (according to its dimension to confirm)

Dimension range (L×W×H)

(70-250)mm×(50-120)mm×(20-90)mm can customize according to your requirement

Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption


Power supply

380V 50Hz

Motor power


Machine dimension (L×w×H)


Machine weight



·Touch Screen HMI controls·PLC programme

· JAPAN OMRON electric parts (inverter, PLC,touch screen...)

· GERMANY SICK photocell

· Vacuum assisted pre-break

· different sizes are available in one machine within machine size range

· without product, carton will be not sucked down

· Auto display trouble, alarm and count finished product

· Overload protection

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning MachineCartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine