What Kind Of Structure And Drive Does The Glass Bottle Filling Machine Have?

What Kind Of Structure And Drive Does The Glass Bottle Filling Machine Have?

Date:Oct 23, 2020

Glass bottle filling machine is a professional manufacturer for liquids with high viscosity, such as juice, syrup, edible oil and so on. In this perfusion system, the storage box has two working chambers, one of which is an auxiliary buffer chamber.

The air pressure in the first working chamber is the same as the outside air pressure, and the liquid is stored here. The filling valve is located at the bottom of the working chamber, and during the filling process, the air in the bottle is discharged to the second working chamber. Here, the adjustable vacuum state is maintained from start to finish.

The siphon force is formed by the difference between the working chamber and the pressure in the bottle, so the perfusion process is more feasible

The structure of the professional manufacturer of glass bottle filling machine:

The mechanism of the glass bottle filling machine has the advantages of high reliability and easy cleaning. Many parts that come into contact with the perfusion liquid use stainless steel or other materials that are not hygienic. In addition, the design of the machine focuses on the disinfection treatment of the part in contact with the liquid, and the CIP system ensures a longer shelf life of the beverage. At the same time, the equipment also has the characteristics of simple and safe operation, environmental protection and low energy consumption.

The glass bottle filling machine is driven by an asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. The beverage bottle input and output are independent. The drive of the input conveyor is separated by the main drive of the equipment, and the conveyor of the output is driven by an electric motor with a frequency converter. This transmission ensures continuity of the beverage during start-up and operation.

The beverage bottle dispenser before entering the filling valve is made of plastic and can be replaced according to the size of the bottle.

The safety and noise shielding shield of the glass bottle filling machine is made of room rust material and glass. The beverage storage box, along with most of the control elements, is powered by an electric motor that can be moved up and down depending on the bottle height in the range of 150-340 mm.

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