What Is The Effect Of The New Technology On Packaging Machinery

What Is The Effect Of The New Technology On Packaging Machinery

Date:Mar 06, 2020

What is the effect of the new technology on packaging machinery

Once a new technology becomes productive, it often makes a big difference. For example, the photoelectric positioning error is far less than the mechanical positioning, the microwave drying effect is far better than the electric heating drying, and so on, the electromechanical integration technology in the packaging machinery used for a short time, but the effect is obvious, the function is huge.

The control system is the organ of the machine, the traditional packaging machine control system USES the relay, the contactor control circuit, with the increase of the complexity of the administrative agencies, with the increase of the increase of the machine adjustment area becomes more and more complex, manufacturing, adjustment, use and maintenance convenience. Mechatronics, can use computer, sensor technology, new transmission technology to replace the heavy electrical control cabinet and equipment drive, so that the number and volume of components in the structure greatly simplified, smaller.

There is a huge storage system in the microcomputer, which can be stored on the microcomputer and can automatically track the production process. When one or more parameters change, the feedback will be fed back to the microcomputer immediately to identify and judge these parameters, and timely and appropriate correction, so that the packaging machinery to maintain the best working state. However, when the process parameters of traditional packaging machinery change, it is difficult to find the best parameters. If several process parameters are changed at the same time, it is not suitable at all.

The most common plastic bag sealing machine, its sealing quality and packaging materials, heat temperature and operating speed. If the material (material, thickness) changes, the temperature and speed also need to change, but the amount of change is difficult to grasp. Such as the use of computer control, a variety of packaging material sealing temperature and speed of the best matching parameters input computer memory, equipped with the necessary sensors, automatic tracking system, so that no matter which process parameters change, can ensure the best sealing quality.

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