Types Of Labeling Machines And Pasting Methods

Types Of Labeling Machines And Pasting Methods

Date:Nov 20, 2020

Types of labeling machines:

    According to the different packaging purposes, the types of packaging containers used and the types of labeling adhesives, labeling machines can be divided into multiple types. The classification of commonly used labeling machines are:

    According to the degree of automation of the operation, it can be divided into semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labeling machine.

    According to the type of container, it can be divided into tinned sheet steel back-can labeling machine and glass bottle labeling machine.

    According to the movement direction of the container, it can be divided into horizontal labeling machine and vertical labeling machine.

    According to the movement form of the container, it can be divided into straight-through and turntable labeling machines.

    Two pasting method:

    The labeling machine sticks labels to round bottles and other containers, and its movement forms can be roughly divided into two categories.

    The first category is wine bottles and beer bottles. The bottle moves forward while standing, and the label with pre-coated adhesive is attached to the bottle. There are three situations:

    1. The wine bottle moves forward intermittently, sticking the label when it stops moving,

    2. Send out the label for pasting while the bottle is moving,

    3. Thread cutting and labeling are performed synchronously with the moving speed of the bottle.

    The second category is small medicine bottles. The bottle lies horizontally and rotates for labeling.

    The biggest problem with labeling machine sports towels is the sticking problem. Generally, labels coated with liquid adhesive are used. Due to the emergence of new types of labels such as pressure-sensitive, heat-sensitive, and hot-melt labels, various labeling machine devices have undergone new developments. The problems of using liquid adhesives are: initial viscosity, quick-drying performance, maintaining the good condition of the paint roller, and preventing the adhesive from sticking to the guide

On the roller, and the restrictions on the material of the sticking surface. Especially when high-speed machinery is used, the choice of adhesive solvent and the drying time of the solvent are also limited. The heat-sensitive label has its advantages. It melts the adhesive by heating, and can maintain the stickiness for a long time after reducing the heat, so that the heating and pressing operations of the labeling machine can be carried out separately, due to the adhesive force

Strong, can paste various materials. The advantage of the hot-melt type is that it only melts when heated and adheres immediately after cooling. There are a wide range of materials that can be pasted. However, it should be noted that this method is different from the adhesive that penetrates into the material and solidifies. Due to the difference in the type of material to be pasted, there is a danger of the label falling off after a long time due to drying.

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