The Principle Structure Of Injectable Eqiupment

The Principle Structure Of Injectable Eqiupment

Date:Jul 02, 2019

Injectable Eqiupment is suitable for the sealing and packaging of plastic bags. It can seal plastic film of various materials and can also make indentation printing device, counting function and so on.

1.Injectable Eqiupment consists of frame, deceleration and speed control transmission mechanism, heating and cooling mechanism, sealing and printing mechanism, conveying device and electrical and electronic control system.

2.The Injectable Eqiupment is powered on and the agencies start working. The electric heating element is heated after being energized, so that the upper and lower heating blocks are heated up sharply and adjusted to the required temperature by the control system; the printing wheel rotates; the cooling system is started to cool according to the need; the conveyor belt is sent and rotated, and the speed regulating device is adjusted to the required speed. .

3.Injectable Eqiupment When the package containing the item is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealed part of the bag is automatically fed into the two sealing belts in operation and brought into the heating zone, and the heat of the heating block is transmitted to the sealing of the bag through the sealing tape. In part, Injectable Eqiupment melts the film and then passes through the cooling zone to lower the surface temperature of the film. Then, it is rolled by the knurling wheel to bond the upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part and press the mesh pattern. The rubber belt and the conveyor belt send the sealed packaging bag out of the machine to complete the sealing operation.

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