The Basic Structure Of Injectable Eqiupment

The Basic Structure Of Injectable Eqiupment

Date:Jun 23, 2019

There are many types of Injectable Eqiupment, so the basic structure of Injectable Eqiupment for this device is:

1. Injectable Eqiupment, including a vibration device, a slag storage tank and a slag squeezing device.

2. The vibration device of the Injectable Eqiupment includes a vibration block, a roller sieve cylinder fixed above the vibration block, and a driving device for controlling the vibration device.

3. Injectable Eqiupment has a plurality of meshes distributed on the side of the rolling sieve cylinder, and both ends of the rolling sieve cylinder are a slag inlet and a slag discharge port.

4. The Injectable Eqiupment slag extrusion device is arranged at the front lower part of the slag discharge port, and the slag squeezing device and the slag discharge port are connected through the slag storage groove.

Injectable Eqiupment is able to fully separate the manure and sewage in the livestock and poultry manure by the slag squeezing device and the rolling sieve cylinder and the vibration block of the vibration device, thereby facilitating the sewage treatment and the recycling of the organic fertilizer of the slag.

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