Separation Method Of Solid Preparation Equipment

Separation Method Of Solid Preparation Equipment

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Separation method of Solid Preparation Equipment:

1. Separate the Solid Preparation Equipment by filtering and intercepting;

2. Separation by the difference between the Solid Preparation Equipment and the weight difference;

(1) Centrifugal separation: A method of separating substances having different specific gravities by means of centrifugal force. Because the tailings processing equipment such as centrifuge can produce a relatively high angular velocity, the centrifugal force is much larger than the gravity, so the suspended matter in the solution is easy to precipitate and precipitate: because the centrifugal force of different substances with different specific gravity is different, the sedimentation speed is different, and The substances with different specific gravity are separated into osteomyelitis.

(2) Gravity sedimentation: it relies on the action of the Earth's gravitational field. The Solid Preparation Equipment separation equipment uses the difference in density between the particles and the fluid to cause relative movement to settle, ie, gravity sedimentation, which separates dust from the airflow. The easiest way to pellet. Only when the particles are large and the gas velocity is small, the effect of gravity settlement is more obvious;

3. Other materials and chemical properties of Solid Preparation Equipment, such as solid state at low temperature and liquid state at high temperature. Separate.

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