Select The Applicable Technology Type According To The Characteristics Of Injectable Eqiupment

Select The Applicable Technology Type According To The Characteristics Of Injectable Eqiupment

Date:Jun 09, 2019

These characteristics of Injectable Eqiupment technology are often overlooked intentionally or unintentionally. Manufacturers often avoid the drying experiments that should be done because of the lack of test equipment or incomplete types (which is a common phenomenon in China), and users often give up the requirements of necessary tests because they do not understand the characteristics of Injectable Eqiupment drying technology. The result is that the device is not working well or even scrapped. In China, such cases are not uncommon. There has been a lesson in the industrial drying unit worth 20 million yuan that was left unused because it could not meet the requirements for use. Therefore, before constructing an industrial drying device, especially a larger one, it is necessary to conduct a sufficient and convincing test, and use the test results as the basis for the construction of the industrial device. This is a distinctive feature of the Injectable Eqiupment drying technology application.

In addition, the wide variety of Injectable Eqiupments and their respective uses are also a feature of the Injectable Eqiupment technology. Every Injectable Eqiupment technology has its own field of application. In engineering practice, the applicable Injectable Eqiupment drying technology type should be selected according to the specific situation. This will have a major impact on investment costs, operating costs, product quality, environmental requirements and other aspects. The rotary airflow is fast, the Injectable Eqiupment is compact, the investment is low, and the production efficiency is high, but the strength index of the rubber product produced is the difference between the three. Spray drying produces white carbon black. The products are in the middle of the three indicators, but have good product fluidity and low dust pollution, which is very popular among users and operators of the factory. In fact, each of the three devices has its own characteristics. Which type of technology is chosen depends on the user's own conditions and product requirements. There is no conclusion that any technology is more advanced. There are many similar examples that show the wide variety of Injectable Eqiupment drying technologies. Therefore, in the application, it is necessary to carefully compare and carefully select the technical solution, and it is also an indispensable step to evaluate the technical solution through the drying test.

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