Sealing Machine Classification

Sealing Machine Classification

Date:Apr 11, 2020

Generally, according to the mechanical properties of packaging materials, it can be divided into the following two categories:

Flexible container sealing

Flexible containers are bag containers made of flexible materials such as paper, plastic films and composite films. The sealing of such containers is more and more



Bags and fillings form a combined machine and are rarely used independently. Due to different materials, the sealing device is different.

①Paper bag sealing device: For paper materials, generally apply adhesive to the sealing part, and then apply mechanical pressure to seal.

②Plastic film bag and composite material film bag sealing device: Plastic bags or composite bags made of good thermoplastics are generally directly heated at the sealing place and mechanical pressure is applied to fuse the sealing.

③ Cup sealing device. For example: common soy milk cups, milk tea cups, etc .. The cup edge and the film are bonded by heating to seal the container.

Automatic filling and sealing machine

It is mainly used for the filling of plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles, and the production of composite film sealing products of corresponding materials. If frozen, juice, milk, yogurt, beverages, fast food and other materials are filled and sealed. It can be adapted to the filling of liquids and slurries of different viscosities, and can be adapted to packaging containers of different shapes and capacities.

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